The University of Life Sciences in Lublin

up_logo1-300x152The University of Life Sciences in Lublin is a multi-profile higher education institution, which integrates a wide range of agricultural, biological, veterinary, technical and socioeconomic sciences.

Academic traditions of our University date back to 1944 when four faculties : Medical, Natural, Agrarian and Veterinary of the new University of Maria Curie-Sklodowska were established. Soon other faculties followed: Pharmaceutical, Law (1949), Zootechnics (1957). In 1950 the Medical and the Pharmaceutical faculties were sectioned off to form the Medical Doctors University – later the University of Medicine renamed in 2008 into the Medical University of Lublin.

The Faculties have the right to confer titles of doctor and doctor habilitated. The University employs about 1700 people including over 800 academic staff. Among them 30% are independent researchers. Scientific research conducted in the units and laboratories of the University and in the experimental farms in Bezek, Czeslawice, Uhrusk and Felin provides valuable contribution to the development of agricultural and veterinary science. A significant number of scientific publications of our staff in reputable scientific magazines and publishing houses as well as numerous patents prove the fact.
Our University has over 40 000 graduates. Currently young people can choose among 15 fields of study: agriculture, veterinary medicine, food technology and human nutrition, science of commodities, biotechnology, landscape architecture ( at two faculties ), animal husbandry, environment protection, biology, horticulture, agricultural and forest engineering, management and production,information technology and technological education, economics, environment engineering. There is a 3 step education system – long cycle ( the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine ), 1st and 2nd cycle fulltime and extramural studies and 3rd cycle doctoral studies. At present about 13000 students are studying at all types of studies.

Since the beginning of our University students have been required to undergo compulsory practical training and internship at different agricultural facilities and agricultural – food plants in Poland and abroad. Young people develop their intetrests at the Student Scientific Societies during meetings and discussions as well as national and foreign conferences and symposiums. Students Self government is thriving. Students Magazine „Radar” has been published for 4 years.