Lublin University of Technology

pliitechnika-268x268Lublin University of Technology has been a major education centre and an advisory unit in the city of Lublin and the region for almost six decades.

As the hub of technical science, its value and rank is systematically growing.

The school actively participates in social and economic life, thus playing an important role in integrating and creating culture. Its scientific and educational activities significantly contribute to the development of the region.

The importance of the region in the united Europe will depend on how competitive both the manufacturing sector and specialised service fields are. As a consequence, providing them with assistance has become one of the most fundamental elements in the mission of Lublin University of Technology.

Lublin University of Technology is a public college. It is also the largest technological university in the region. It was established on 13th May 1953 as an initiative of Lublin’s circles of engineers and technicians and was called Evening Engineering School. The University’s history concerned a dynamic development of scientific staff, on the one hand, and accommodation problem, on the  other hand. At first the University enjoyed hospitality of other schools, institutions and factories. It was not until 1959 when the decision about the new location of the School was made. On 28th April 1965 as a result of intense efforts Evening Engineering School was transformed into High Engineering School, offering fulltime, evening and extra-mural courses. In  1973 the School gained the right to provide education in the form of unified Master’s studies. 1st August 1977 is an important day in the history of the School – the day when Lublin University of Technology was established. The first faculty of the University was the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

At present there are six Faculties at Lublin University of Technology:

  • The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • The Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
  • The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture
  • The Faculty of Environmental Engineering
  • The Faculty of Fundamentals of Technology
  • The Faculty of Management

This structure is supplemented with all-university units:

  • The Library of LUT
  • IT Centre of LUT
  • Innovation and Advanced Technologies Centre of LUT
  • Lublin Centre for Technology Transfer of LUT
  • Lublin Academic Business Incubator of LUT
  • Development Promotion and Cooperation Office of LUT

and interdepartmental units:

  • Department of Foreign Languages
  • Department of Physical Education and Sport