Mesoyios College na Cyprze

AW7LhV8_xTMMesoyios College is more than just a college – it’s an active part of the wider world. Through our global network of industry contacts and an innovative blend of specialised knowledge and real-world experience, we give our students the tools they need to forge their own success story.

12033492_170658676603236_168493350_nMesoyios College vision is to improve the quality of human life, to be the College of development – renowned for creativity and innovation. We will achieve excellence through transformative practices in teaching, developing students and staff , and by fostering professional and community relationships.

Its mission is to help students acquire comprehensive professional and human knowledge and skills to the extent that they can be integrated in society and achieve their academic and professional goals. Moreover, the objective of the college is to develop in students the vital skills of communication, team spirit, leadership and handling / solving problems that will enable them to successfully undertake supervisory and management roles in a world that is constantly changing, in a European and Global-wide interdependence environment.